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Process State

The process state consist of everything necessary to resume the process execution if it is somehow put aside temporarily. The process state consists of at least following:

  • Code for the program.
  • Program's static data.
  • Program's dynamic data.
  • Program's procedure call stack.
  • Contents of general purpose registers.
  • Contents of program counter (PC)
  • Contents of program status word (PSW).
  • Operating Systems resource in use.

A process goes through a series of discrete process states.

  • New State: The process being created.
  • Running State: A process is said to be running if it has the CPU, that is, process actually using the CPU at that particular instant.
  • Blocked (or waiting) State: A process is said to be blocked if it is waiting for some event to happen such that as an I/O completion before it can proceed. Note that a process is unable to run until some external event happens.
  • Ready State: A process is said to be ready if it use a CPU if one were available. A ready state process is runable but temporarily stopped running to let another process run.
  • Terminated state: The process has finished execution.